• MGA 12 measures and displays up to 5 gas components simultaneously: this may be solely infrared-active gases like e.g. CO, NO, SO2, CO2, CH4 or alternately in combination with max. 2 electro-chemical measuring cells e.g. O2, H2S
  • MGA12 is TUV (QAL1) Certified
  • On-site diagnosis of the facility’s state due to a graphical display with high resolution showing a bar diagram for each measuring component
  • Compensation of temperature, pressure and water vapor cross sensitivity
  • Display of flow control
  • Infrared photometer heated up to 55 °c
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent cost effectiveness
  • Suitable for small firing systems using oil, gas and coal, incineration plants, steel plants, cement plants and coal bunker
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