• Protea 2000 is an infra-red (IR), duct or stack-mounted analyser.
  • A maximum of  6 gases components, including NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, HCl, CH4, CO, CO2 and H2O can be monitored simultaneously and continuously.
  • Pollutant gases can be reported on a wet or dry basis.
  • Protea’s sintered metal technology removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning.
  • Report measurement corrected to normalised O2 or CO2 reference conditions.
  • Auto verification of zero and span check.
  • Reduced cost and simplicity of installation.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • MCERTS certified.
  • Suitable to be used in power generation, cement plant, incineration,  refineries, glass plant, steel plant, nitric acid plant and fertiliser plant. 
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