CEMS Sampling System Components

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CEMS Sampling System Components

Vital Components for Sample Gas Preparation

A successful extractive gas analysis depends on critical components that ensure accurate sample gas preparation. These include heated gas sampling probes for sample extraction, heated lines for transport, and sample gas coolers when utilizing cold extractive analyzers. HGI offers a comprehensive range of solutions for a complete sampling system, including essential accessories to enhance accuracy and reliability.

As a complete solution provider, HGI offers a comprehensive portfolio of components to create an effective and reliable sampling system for extractive gas analysis. These components play a crucial role in ensuring accurate measurements and maintaining the integrity of the analysis process.

List of our sample gas components:

  • PID Temperature Controller for Gas Sampling Probes and Heated Lines
  • Diaphragm Sample Gas Pump
  • NO2/NO Sample Gas Converter
  • Liquid Stop Filter
  • Solid Particle Filter
  • Adsorption Filter
  • Aerosol Filter
  • Condensate Sensor

Adsorption Filter

Aerosol Filter

Condesate Sensor

Diaphragm Sample Gas Pump

Liquid Stop Filter

NO2-NO Converter

PSG-ST49 PID Temperature Controller

Solid Particle Filter