MCA 10

Extractive measuring system for continuous emission measurement of pollutants in flue gas and for process control

The system design consists basically of three logic units:

  • Multi component analyser MCA 10 HWIR
  • Visualisation PC with user software
  • PLC for analyser system
  • modularly structured hot gas analyser system (without gas cooler), compact 19″ format
  • up to twelve infrared components
  • field-proven components, modern photometer technology
  • long operation times, high reliability (6 months maintenance interval)
  • pre-calibrated → immediately deployable
  • integrated control, integrated zero gas provision
  • self-control (additional control of inlet temperature)
  • zero point drift control
  • remote diagnosis and system setting via Ethernet
  • connection of external device (TOC, Hg)
  • Attach Catalog and TUV/MCERTS QAL1 Certificate