Turnkey Solutions

Complete ready-to-go solutions for any application

We offer tailored, comprehensive, and adaptable turnkey solutions for continuous emissions monitoring.

We take pride in our in-house manufacturing capabilities for continuous emissions monitoring systems. HGI offers a complete package of services that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a straightforward or complex application, we provide thoughtful and tailored solutions. Our in-house facilities enable us to handle all aspects of the CEMS, from technical specification and design to build, test, calibration, installation, and commissioning. We are committed to providing ongoing support and up-to-date documentation to ensure your equipment operates optimally and is well-maintained for continuous performance.

What does the CEMS Turnkey Solutions process look like?

Pre-Installation Survey

The CEM pre-installation survey is completed on-site by experienced engineers. Whilst on site our specialists will:

  • Determine suitable final locations for CEMS and calibration gas, taking into account access and egress for positioning of equipment.
  • Check cable tray requirements between CEMS, the stack, and the control room.
  • Investigate if suitable supplies and connections (power, comms, air supply) are available.
  • Check communications and I/O requirements between CEMS and control room – DAHS/SCADA/DCS.
  • Check platform and sample port requirements. This includes taking measurements of cable and sample line lengths.

Delivery of Equipment to Site

The required CEMS and supporting equipment are delivered to the site and positioned for installation, scheduled to suit site requirements.

Installation – CEMS 

Our team of CEMS engineers installs the system, including arranging welding of stack flanges, running cables, pipes, and sample lines, and setting up communication cables.

Installation – Final Connections

The final phase involves terminating cables and connecting power and air supplies in preparation for commissioning.

Commissioning – CEM System Configuration

CEMS technicians configure the system and conduct thorough tests for effective and reliable operation. This includes powering up the system, initial setup, functional testing, signal testing, and linking to DOE iREMOTE Server.

Commissioning – Handover to Site

In the final phase, the customer receives a technical documentation pack and the commissioning report. On-site staff will also receive training at the customer’s premises.

Why Choose HGI for Turnkey Solutions?

Flexible service

Whether you need a fully customized turnkey package or individual services, we provide flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements and business needs.

On going, reliable support

Our commitment to your satisfaction does not end with the installation. Our team of expert engineers will continue to provide reliable support and assistance to ensure your system operates smoothly and efficiently

Comprehensive service

We offer a complete range of services to meet the strictest continuous emissions monitoring requirements and legislation. From the initial site survey to commissioning, we cover all aspects of your project.