Service & Calibration

Malaysia wide routine service & calibration. In-house & On-site repair services.

Malaysia wide routine service & calibration. In-house & On-site repair services.

At HGI, we prioritize our customers’ confidence in their emissions monitoring systems. As a service-focused organization, we understand the challenges faced by operators and the importance of having a reliable support partner.

We provide comprehensive and structured maintenance programs, clearly outlined in our scope of works and detailed work reports. Our service visits are scheduled at regular intervals to comply with both manufacturers’ recommendations and DOE CEMS guidelines, ensuring that support is readily available when needed. With HGI, you can be assured of a robust and dependable support system to keep your emissions monitoring running smoothly.

Our in-house engineers possess the necessary experience and expertise to service and calibrate your emissions monitoring instruments with precision and efficiency. Our range of services includes:

On-site Routine Service & Calibration

We provide timely and reliable support backed by a structured maintenance program, as detailed in our scope of works and comprehensive work reports. Service visits are scheduled at intervals to comply with manufacturers’ recommendations and DOE CEMS guidelines.

Functional Testing

We conduct functional checks, including linearity tests, to ensure the correct operation of the equipment before a QAL2-CVT or AST. Linearity checks are performed at multiple points across the measuring range to verify calibration accuracy. Additionally, we perform H2O linearity checks, often overlooked but essential for accurate measurements.

QAL3-OGPM Testing

Regular testing of CEMS analyzers helps monitor calibration drift and identify potential issues. We offer both automatic and manual QAL3-OGPM testing using our own software for enhanced monitoring.

Please refer to our products – Version 7.0 HGI DIS software.

Spares Parts

For our contract customers, we maintain a comprehensive stock of spare parts to address CEMS breakdowns promptly. We also offer spares packages to be kept on-site for quick access during routine or unscheduled visits, ensuring minimal downtime.

Gas & Regulators

We manage site calibration gas requirements, including cylinder rental and collection of empty or out-of-date gas cylinders. Our team can also advise on and supply calibration hardware such as regulators, valves, manifolds, and solenoids.

Why Choose HGI for Service & Calibration?

No Hidden Costs

Our service packages cover all expenses, including spares and mileage, ensuring transparency and eliminating any hidden costs. Detailed service reports will be provided after each engineer's visit, keeping you informed of the work carried out.

Advanced Capabilities

In addition to our comprehensive support, we offer traceable calibration, remote diagnosis, operator training, and site surveys. These advanced capabilities further enhance the performance and efficiency of your emissions monitoring systems.

Expert Support

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers is available to provide on-site support with the option for 4-hour response time and 24-hour on-site call-out cover. Rest assured that your emissions monitoring systems will receive prompt and top-notch assistance.