PFM 20

The PFM 20 is a highly sensitive device for continuous measurement of dust emissions. The device meets highest international and European standards.

It is suitable for emission control on waste incineration plants and other combustion plants.

The plug-and-measure device is simple to maintain. The clamp connection allows a quick inserting as well as taking out of the probe which simplifies any kind of service activities like checks or cleaning. The robust design makes it long lasting (operating time > 10 – 15 years).

  • suitability tested EN 15267; QAL1 certified, MCERTS certified
  • lowest certificated range 0 – 7.5 mg/m³ dust,
  • max. measuring range 0…250 mg/m³ dust (special range 0…1,000 mg/m³ dust on request)
  • automatic zero and reference point check
  • compact probe head and coated probe rod
  • customizable probe rod lengths and power supply options
  • Modbus RS 485, analogue and digital signal output
  • connectivity for external display and operation unit (DUx 20; optional)
  • robust device and long-term stable measurement results