MGA 12

Cold gas measuring system for continuous emission measurement of pollutants in flue gas and for process control

In the MGA 12 four independent, selectively working measuring methods apply: infrared absorption (NDIR), electrochemical cell and paramagnetic measuring method as well as thermal conductivity sensor.

  • simultaneous measurement of up to eight gas components with limit value signalling and measuring range change-over
  • two separated gas paths possible
  • local diagnosis of the system state
  • display of bar diagram for every component
  • flow control as well as display of flow rate
  • reduced cross-sensitivities by internal spectral filter
  • internal monitoring for condensate ingress with switch contact for pump switch-off
  • control of a back-purging probe (interval and pulse time)
  •  control of zero point drift
  •  low maintenance requirement
  • Attach Catalog and TUV/MCERTS QAL1 Certificate