Data Acquisition and Handling – Data Interface System (DAHS-DIS)

Our version 7.0 HGI DIS software provides a secure, robust, and flexible solution for DOE iREMOTE linking. It ensures that data from your monitoring devices is securely logged, enabling continuous monitoring of regulated parameters and seamless integration with the DOE iREMOTE system. The user-friendly graphical interface allows plant operators to monitor real-time data, analyze process performance, review historical data, and generate reports to meet regulatory requirements effectively. With our DIS software, you can confidently ensure compliance and optimize your environmental monitoring process.

Integrated QAL3-OGPM Control Chart Software enables automatic or manual monitoring of CEMS measurement drifts.

Live data is displayed clearly, with the option to view raw, corrected, and calibrated data in mg/m3, ppm, or %.

Flexible trending of both live and historical data allows for comprehensive analysis and insights.

Generate reports quickly and easily, tailored to your specific process or DOE requirements.

Seamless Linking with DOE iREMOTE System, providing real-time indication of the latest linking status for plant operators' convenience.