MIR 9000e

Eco-designed, ultra-compact, smart & connected instrument, the MIR 9000e is your next tool to measure combustion exhaust gas from boiler, or gas emission from different industrial furnaces and process applications. Superior metrological performances for the simultaneous multi-gas measurement of: NOx, SO2, CO, O2, residual H2O, and optionally CO2, CH4 and N2O (greenhouse gases)

  • Extremely compact (19’’- 3U & only 33cm/13’’ depth), made for easy turnkey integration and seamless retrofit of most existing gas cabinets on the market
  • Analyzer includes CEMS control functionalities: sampling control, automatic zero and span gas injection, system alarms display, etc.
  • Insensitive to T° variations in the range +5° to +40°C (no air conditioning required)
  • Eco-designed, smart & connected, with ultra-low power consumption
  • Compatible with any type of drying technologies (gas cooler, permeation, dilution…)
  • No compressed air required (if using a gas cooler)
  • Attach Catalog and TUV/MCERTS QAL1 Certificate