Products for Particulate & Dust Emissions

Continuous measurements of particulates from industrial processes to ensure optimal plant performance and satisfy regulatory requirements

Complete solutions for the continuous measurement of dust and particulate emissions

  • Achieve full DOE compliance and improve occupational health
  • HGI offers cost-effective and reliable solutions for continuous measurement of dust and particulate in emissions environments. Our continuous monitoring solutions help plants comply with DOE legislation and enhance the occupational health of their employees. Our expert team is prepared to assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet your plant’s specific requirements.
    • Light Scattering, Double Pass & Probe Electrification Technology
  • Dr Foedish
    • Triboelectric & Extractive Technology
  • Fives Pillards
    • Back Scattering Technology to monitor dust & opacity from emission

Double Path

Light Scattering

Probe Electrification



Backscattering (Dust Opacity)