CEMS Performance Audit

DOE Certified CEMS Tester to perform Functional Test, QAL2-CVT, QAL3-OGPM & AST.

What is CEMS Performance Audits?

CEMS Performance Audit is used to check all of the CEMS components and factors which affect the precision and accuracy of monitoring data. CEMS accuracy is quantified by using EN14181 audit standards or by using DOE Approved Standard Reference Methods (SRM).

The CEMS Performance Audits can be broken down into 4 sections:

  • Functional Test – a series of checks carried out on the CEMS and must be performed before QAL2-CVT and AST.
  • Quality Assurance Level 2 – Calibration and Variability Test (QAL2-CVT) – Making sure the CEMS is calibrated and set-up correctly in accordance with DOE standards.
  • Quality Assurance Level 3 – Ongoing Performance Monitoring (QAL3-OGPM) – The ongoing assessment of the instrumentation’s performance.
  • Annual Surveillance Test (AST) – Annual assessment of CEMS against DOE standards.

Why Choose HGI?

HGI is a registered CEMS Tester with the Department of Environment (DOE), operating from three offices across Malaysia.

At HGI, we have a vast amount of experience in terms of CEMS Performance Audits started from 2017. 

Key features of our top-notch CEMS Performance Audits service include:

  • Competence Team – Our team has intensive training and obtain competency from international source testing bodies like the Source Testing Association (STA) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK.
  • Wide Coverage – With teams in three offices across Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak, and Sabah, we ensure efficient operations, competitive rates, and value for money.
  • Accreditation – We collaborate closely with ISO-17025 accredited laboratories to ensure accurate results and compliance with DOE regulations.
  • Technical Excellence Center – Our new hub leverages the knowledge and practical experience gained from numerous stack testing and CEMS Performance audits, delivering trusted advice and solutions.
  • Calibration Workshop – We personally maintain, calibrate, and performance-check our sampling equipment, enhancing our understanding for more accurate emissions data.
  • CEMS Expert – Our team is well trained and exposed to all types of CEMS analysers. This will ensure the CEMS performance audits can be conducted in correct manner and accurately so the discrepancies would not happen between plant operator and CEMS supplier. 


What We Can Do For You?

At HGI, we are competence and certified to provide services, trainings and courses to suit your individual needs. These services including:

  • Stack Stratification Test
  • Functional Test
  • QAL2-CVT
  • AST
  • Quality Assurance Programs for CEMS