PSG Sample Gas Coolers

AGT’s Sample Gas Coolers are designed to meet the highest standards for Sample Gas Quality. These coolers offer a range of optional components, such as pre-separators, filters, flow meters, humidity monitors, and gas pumps, allowing them to be configured into compact sample gas conditioning systems. 

Cooling Options:

  • Compressor Cooler: Utilizes a specially designed compressor for cooling
  • Peltier (Thermo Electric) Cooler: Operates using Peltier technology



  • Optimized jet stream heat exchanger principle
  • Minimal leaching of measurement gases
  • Powerful compressor cooler with 792 KJ/h cooling capacity
  • Heat exchanger can be changed without opening the housing
  • Gas flow options: 1 x 150 l/h, 2 x 150 l/h, or 1 x 250 l/h (connected in series)
  • Long-lasting hot gas bypass system without compressor switching
  • Corrosion-resistant PVDF heat exchangers
  • Compact design
  • Digital display for temperature and alarms
  • Potential-free contacts for operational monitoring
  • Alarm contact

PSG Plus MAK 10


  • High-performance compressor cooler
  • Long-lasting hot-gas bypass system without compressor switching
  • Corrosion-resistant PTFE/PVDF heat exchanger
  • Very compact design
  • Digital display for temperature, alarms, logbook, operating hours counter, and service interval indication
  • Modular upgradeable and configurable based on application
  • 1 – 4 gas paths
  • Integration options: filters, flow meters, flow alarms, liquid sensors, gas pumps, pre-separators, acid dosing
  • Versatile mounting options: wall mounting, 19″-rack, or mobile housing

All PSG Sample Gas Coolers are available in Ex Zone 1 and 2 applications, ensuring safety and compliance for various environments.